Thursday, 16 March 2017

An update and a new blog

I have started a new poetry blog. I think it would be better to keep this blog about everyday happenings, family, making, baking and pondering. My new blog will focus on poetry, writing and political musings and probably other random bits and pieces which fit like a square peg in a round hole here.

Does anyone else feel like they need different blogs for different aspects of their life? Sometimes I wish I could be a little more cohesive and less scattered. Is there such a thing as multiple blogging personality?

We have been very busy here at home which makes it kind of hard to keep up with blogging anything else. I have been enjoying Grandmother-hood and spending time with Boo. She is studying for a Chemistry IGCSE at the moment which is like learning another language to me. She is the anomaly of the family, all science and maths rather than arts and humanities which means a tutor has been hired for these last few weeks before the exam itself.

Rowan celebrated his first birthday last Monday. I wrote the words below on my facebook page.  Emmy who has come through so much this past year and I am so proud of her:

"Beautiful Emmy. This time last year she became a Mother. During this past year she has done the most amazing job of raising Rowan as a single Mum while studying for her A levels, passing her driving test and soon becoming the youngest scout leader in the region. She has shown so much inner strength and has really become her own woman. Sweet little Roo is her joy and ours too."

Isn't she beautiful.

And Rowan too.
Here he is riding on his choo choo train! Cuteness. He loves train more than almost anything in the whole world.

How he's grown during this first year. I almost can't believe his first year has gone already.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Extremism on all sides - my heart is broken

I am heartbroken to hear of the death of Sufi singer Amjad Sabri.


Extreme Nationalism and Religious fundamentalism have much in common. They may be on opposing sides but they are ultimately motivated by the same hateful and narrow minded forces.
How can we seek to maintain core values governed by tolerance and compassion in an increasingly volatile world?

I agree with Guardian columnist Molly Crabapple today when she writes:
link provided below:…/global-intolerance-donald-tru…

"What can guide us through this cesspit? Cosmopolitanism. Art. Solidarity. Universal ethics. These might seem like fragile concepts, but they are ones that people have died for.
Jo Cox was killed on 16 June. As an MP, Cox fought for refugees, for Britain’s Muslim community, for Palestinians under siege in Gaza and for Syrians under barrel bombs in Aleppo. She took brave, unpopular stands, even breaking with her own party, because she did not believe that a foreign life was worth less than a British one.
On 22 June, the Taliban gunned down Amjad Sabri. Sabri was famous as a master of the qawwali, an exquisite, 800-year-old form of Sufi devotional music, whose complex, lyrical beauty brings listeners closer to God. Born on the subcontinent, the qawwali is one of Islam’s great contributions to culture, but to the Taliban, religion is only legitimate if its stripped of art. To them, qawwali singing represent a dangerous impurity – so they murdered one of it great practitioners.
They are dead. Worse, their deaths seem part of a great shrinking of the world, into one crueler, pettier, stupider and more violent – a world where machine gun towers seal off borders, kids drown in the Mediterranean, fanatics murder artists and orange jackasses trade in fear.
If there’s one note of hope, its this. History keeps moving. Tomorrow always comes, and we help shape what that tomorrow will be. An MP and a singer made the world larger just by living. We build the world by living too. In spaces large and small, we can fight for universal ethics, cosmopolitanism, art, solidarity. On the beaches of Lesbos, across the mud of borders, in the streets of Chicago, against our lovers’ lips."…/pakistani-sufi-singer-shot-de…

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Dropping Keys and Alabaster Jars

Alabaster by Jun Jamosmo

The small man
Builds cages for everyone
He knows.
While the sage,
Who has to duck his head
When the moon is low,
Keeps dropping keys all night long
For the